Dance Competitions

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

In 2012, Founder Anthony “AntBoogie“ Rue II, officially launched Urban Dance League.

Growing up, he was a big sports fan. He loved the excitement of watching people compete at high levels. He also loved joining dance battles with his group The AmountBoyz. After getting a taste of various dance competitions in different states and countries, his goal was to put organized dance competitions in the same arena as the sports and athletic world. Hip Hop Dance origins thrived on dance battles. It was the battle that pushed people to work harder on their skills and evolve their dance moves. Why did they do this? They wanted to win. They wanted everyone watching to know they were the best and have all the bragging rights. If it wasn’t for the competitive spirit birthed within hip hop, dance battles wouldn’t exist the way we see them today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_hip_hop_dance Competitive energy brings out higher levels of effort. When Dancers get into a focused state to compete its like watching magic before your eyes.

“Dancers Are Athletes” is truly what UDL believes in and promotes. https://www.urbandanceleague.com/post/dancers-are-athletes

AntBoogie’s goal was to put dance competitions in the same arena as professional sports.

He noticed the amount of passion spectators would express when attending dance battles and knew this is something people would LOVE to watch on an organized scale. So after a few months of prepping dancers that signed up for the training program, UDL had their first live dance competition at the High Line Ballroom in New York City. Everything evolves and so did UDL dance competitions. In 2012, the competitions were a lot different than what they are today and some of the rules are slightly different as well. For example: Dancers only competed individually instead of on teams and they also had to learn the choreography on the spot to perform. Over the years, UDL has made improvements to make dance competitions within the league more exciting. What we call the “Classic” UDL Style of competition is what the majority of people have been introduced to since UDL’s creation.