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At UDL we're all about taking the raw energy of street dance and connecting it with world of film, TV, Broadway, and beyond. We want to give dancers a shot at something bigger, creating a community where creativity and opportunity flow together.

UDL isn’t just a dance league; it's also a bridge to the entertainment industry. Thanks to our awesome network and connections, we help dancers turn their passion into a career. But that's not all—we also know how to have fun. UDL hosts a variety of events, games, performances, and competitions that bring dancers together to showcase their skills and enjoy the vibrant world of street dance. These recreational activities are at the heart of our community, making dance both exciting and accessible.

Don’t miss your chance to have the ultimate experience. 


with the subject line : UDL Tryouts 

If accepted, a participation fee will apply.

"Don't forget to check your spam folder for our reply! We don't want you to miss out on this opportunity with Urban Dance League."


Professional Development: UDL is your gateway to professional success. With our unique connection to the professional working world, we provide unparalleled opportunities for career advancement Our comprehensive training programs and resources are designed to equip dancers with the skills, knowledge, and connections needed to excel in the competitive dance industry. Join UDL and unleash your full potential as a professional dancer

Exposure: UDL provides a stage for dancers to perform in front live audiences. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure, build your dance portfolio, and connect with other dancers and industry professionals.

Competition: The UDL platform allows dancers to challenge themselves and compare their skills against others. The competition provides a healthy environment for dancers to push themselves to the next level and develop their skills.


Networking: UDL provides an opportunity to meet and network with other dancers, choreographers, and industry professionals. This can help you build connections and create new opportunities for your dance career.

Prizes: UDL offers prizes and awards for wins and outstanding participation in the form of financial compensation, exclusive UDL gear, trophies, scholarships and more.


Community: UDL creates a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for dance. Team members push each other to greatness and support one another to become their best while training, performing, and competing which can help you grow and develop as a dancer. 

Training: UDL Training will benefit dancers at any level . Pushing and proving "Dancers Are Athletes"

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