How to Freestyle Dance

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

One of the main things I noticed dancers feel uncomfortable with is freestyle. Marketing and labeling plays a factor in this department. I have taught hip-hop dance classes at Broadway Dance Center since 1999 and to this day I can see nervousness on dancers faces when I bring up freestyle in class.  I want to help dancers unlock their true power so I’m going to give some tips and advice on learning how to freestyle and to get better at free styling overall.  A lot of dancers feel they “can’t” freestyle which is 100 percent false; Everyone can freestyle. Sometimes dancers confuse “tricks” with freestyle so they may think if they don’t have any “cool” tricks to pull out or flava, their unable to freestyle. I want to make it clear that tricks are not needed at all. Of course it may be a goal to get to that level but to fault yourself for not having any tricks in the beginning helps no one, especially if your not practicing tricks.

For the record, these are my personal tips. This does not mean it’s the only way that works but my methods have worked 100 percent of the time if followed correctly.

*Time to pick 

Make a selection of a song you naturally love dancing to. Pick the song that you can put on repeat 100 times and never get tired of it . If you love the song it’s easier to train. 

*Pick it apart

Listen to all the layers of the music. What did the producer create with this track. Dissect it. It’s key to know all the layers to be able to use them the way you want. The music leads. Dancing with the music and learning the music will greatly enhance your skills.

*Pick the lock