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Confidence for Dancers to improve their dancing

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Confidence: the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.

Having firm trust in any relationship is vital. Without trust how can the relationship grow properly?

Some may have never thought of it this way, but not trusting yourself will lead to having less confidence. It is one of the most important personal factors to build up not just in dance or sports but in life in general. When you have confidence, you are certain. When you're certain, you approach things with purpose and pride and your eager and willing to do the work that is needed. 

Over the years, I have seen dancers with great potential fail. Not because they didn't have the skill, but because of their lack of confidence. Their lack of confidence would sometimes restrict them from going the extra mile to reach their goal. It becomes very easy to watch others and compare but it’s important to be reminded that everyone's journey is different. 

Confidence is all about energy. Your energy introduces itself before you get to open your mouth. People can instinctually feel when someone has confidence. It totally changes the way they perceive them. When you trust yourself, that energy radiates to others and they subconsciously give you theirs. For example: if someone is on the side of the road having engine problems with their car and you drive up and tell them after evaluating the situation that you know what your doing and you're able to help fix the problem they will most likely allow you to because you seemed confident. If you drove up and seemed uncertain they wouldn't trust you and would most likely decline your assistance. In this instance, exuding confidence allowed for trust to be established and both parties were able to find a solution to the problem.

Losing confidence is something everyone deals with in some shape or form. Working on ways to get confidence back through motivation and skill building will make what ever your goal is attainable. Confidence is like the fuel that keeps the motor running. One of the biggest areas I see dancers have lack of confidence in is freestyle. They lack trust that they won't look good when free-styling. In order to avoid this feeling they won't practice or they simply say "I can't freestyle" which is a lie if they know it or not. You will notice someone with a lot of confidence is the first on the dance floor and the last to leave. They trust the relationship they have with either the music or themselves. I can not stress how important adding confidence to your diet is. 

I wanted to list some things that might help you if you’re ever feeling a lack of confidence. These are not in any order of importance.

1.Finding discipline is not something easy to find, yet unlocks powers to all and everything you desire.  

2. Working out and staying in shape means different things to different people. Whenever Im in a good consistent work out routine, my mind and body feel better so I overall feel better. 

3. Think of yourself as you want to be. Visualize and dream of it.

4. Don't overthink. This is sometimes hard to do but working on this will free up your mind to dream of what you're reaching for. 

5. Do things that scare you. Confront some of those fears, knocking them down will make you a super hero.

6.Order clothes from Our website  LOL

7. Help other people. The energy you get from helping others cannot be replicated. 

Stay tuned for more ideas and information regarding this topic but for now I hope some or all of these steps can help you if you need it. 


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