Urban Dance League competitions have rotating objectives.

Prizes are subject to change depending on each competition. 

"Before training with Urban Dance League, I never competed by myself. I never felt mentally or physically prepared, as competing was intimidating and scary to me. In my country, Venezuela, I got a lot of technical training but never competition training. When Antboogie explained UDL to me, I was curious how the training was going to be and if I was capable of doing it. The first season I wasn’t ready for the amount of commitment that it requires for you to earn points. My first game felt like a lot to earn points, to be constantly challenged, 1on1 dance battles, freestyle battles, don’t let you or your team down, etc… but I loved it. The adrenaline and pressure gave me such a positive reaction and outcome. I then realized that I wasn’t training right for years. I knew I had to stay and I learned how to elevate my dance ability and be worthy of points, games, wins and awards. I also learned how to truly earn all that, and how to challenge myself, keep my mind focused on the prize but without forgetting about everyone in the room (teamwork is key to win and to have a good time). I learned so much that solo/group competitions and freestyle battles are no longer a threat to me. Now I enjoy them. Fair points and healthy competition made me the athlete I am today. Inside and outside UDL, I will forever be responsible to showcase that every time. I carried the most points in 2018 and 2019. It feels unreal to me but I am so proud of myself and my classmates that always supported me and I supported them. I cannot be thankful enough" Francesca Cardenas 

Francesca Cardenas 
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