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Interview with Choreographer Crybaby Cozie

Updated: May 28, 2023

1. Please tell us who Chrybaby is and what made you want to follow dance.

Chrybaby cozie is an artist from Harlem that helped cultivate and shape a multi-textured dance genre named litefeet as a leader, cultural preserver , educator, choreographer , and event organizer. Growing up watching countless music videos and films like “Beat street”, “Breakin’” , “Krush groove” had a huge influence on me as well and seeing cats in my neighborhood get down.

2. What are some of the reasons you feel life feet has started to gain more attention with dancers.

I feel our energy is something that is undeniable and magnetic that those who aspire to dance with such feeling naturally attract to it . Also the Lock-in for some is like moths to a fly , it really gets the people going but few truly understand / recognize it’s purpose and why they love it so much. It’s because it gets them hype.

3. Who are some of the LiteFeet dancers you respect and get inspired by

Some of the dancers I respect and gain inspiration from are in teams like Bomb squad, Team Rocket , Bad , And of course my students in the LITEFEET NATION DOJO.

4. You have been all over all teaching LiteFeet name a couple places besides New York City you enjoy teaching and why.

Peru , Mexico and Texas are of the newest places i’ve traveled and all have a strong sense of community and culture.

5. How did you feel when that song came out Harlem Shake and it had nothing to do with Harlem Shake

I honestly felt like it was a huge mockery of a pastime for me and many others , to the point where you can’t find original shaking content on youtube now because the word search is ruined . anyone who really represents nyc period felt like that was a slap in the face . God don’t like ugly and the truth always prevails as that bullshit song is gone in the wind.

6. What are some other styles of dance you wish you trained in but never did.

Tap for one is most certainly a style that I wish that I would have gotten into at a young age .keeping time with your feet and mastering that type of musicality is a super power among others like bboying and poppin.

7. Give us some names of your favorite songs to dance and train to.

A lot of the music that I listen/ train to is not the current spectrum at all

But I love vibes like long way to go by Cassie , Anything Kaytranada , Litefeet producers like Bsn , Top flight , and Hrockz.

8. Who do you think would win in a dance battle ( freestyle wise ) Omarion or Chris Brown

This is low-key not fair because omarion was seen training at 36 Chambers so that means he picked up mad gems. Overall I do think it would be a tie because I think they would cancel each other as Chris has a wilder style and Omarion is cool and calm.

9. Who is your favorite Freestyle Dancer, and Choreographer and why.

My favorite dancer/choreographer is my idol Mr. Wiggles because of his artillery and how he showcases the endless variations in his repertoire.

10. If you had to compare your dance style to a superhero who would it be?

Although he isn’t your average/typical superhero but definitely avatar Ang because he’s someone who can bend and manipulate many elements at the same time . I pull a lot of inspiration from the last air bender series.

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