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Interview with Choreographer Luther Brown

Updated: May 28, 2023

Once every generation there emerges that one special individual who is a born leader and inspires a whole movement. That person strives for perfection and is constantly raising the level of the playing field in their respective industry, Luther Brown undoubtedly is one of these individuals.

As the founder and owner of the world-renown company - Do Dat Entertainment, Luther channeled his creative energy and innovative vision that transformed the formerly unknown Toronto urban dance community into the thriving industry it is today. His unparalleled love for the arts has given him the extraordinary honor and privilege to capture the true essence of his abilities to be an artistic director and choreographer.

His exceptional work speaks for itself and as a result, has allowed him to work with some of today’s most popular artists such as: Gwen Stefani, Janet Jackson, Daddy Yankee, Ciara, Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, AGNEZ MO, Mario, French Montana and many, many more. Luther has been a featured choreographer on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (seasons 9–16) in the U.S., in which he was Emmy nominated for his work and was also a resident judge and choreographer on the critically acclaimed hit series ‘So You Think You Can Dance – Canada’ for 4 seasons.

Luther most recently choreographed an episode of the new hit NBC TV series “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”, the ‘Con Calma Pal Choli’ Concert Series for Daddy Yankee in Puerto Rico, 2020 Latin Billboard Music Awards – for multiple artists, such as the Black Eye Peas, the 2019 Latin American Music Awards, the Starz TV series ‘Step Up: Highwater (Seasons 1 & 2), as well as Las Vegas residencies for: Gwen Stefani – “Just A Girl”, Janet Jackson - ‘Metamorphosis’ and Jennifer Lopez - “All I Need”. He was also the artistic director and lead choreographer for a special televised opening ceremony performance alongside Cirque Du Soleli for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, Canada.

With his passion for dance and a drive to continuously challenge himself, Luther is considered to be one of the world’s best artistic directors and choreographers to date. His track record for success coupled with an amazing work ethic, Luther continues to make history by taking the vision of any project presented to him and creating timeless pieces of art.

1. Please tell us what made Luther Brown want to follow dance?

Watching Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown, Heavy D & The Boys, and new edition are to blame Lol. Party dancing was all me! Watching Janet Jackson , Madonna tours and movies like Breaking, breakin 2, Grease made me want to create like that.

2. What is something that you always wanted to do in your career but have not had the time to yet?

I want to choreograph musicals and write a book on my journey thus far. Doing a Super Bowl would be awesome.

3. Who are some dancers or choreographers that inspired you early on in your career?

Swoop (biggest inspiration), Shotyme, Popin Pete, Laurieann, Tina Landon, Hihat, Ed Moore, Eddie Morales. There are others but these are special to me.

4. Tell us what catches your eye when looking for dancers you want to work with. What are some key things that are important to you?

I love dancers with expression and character. Flavor and sauce is a must. Dancers that pick up choreo without remixes, who are able to freestyle and are great to be around get to the top of my list.

5. If you didn't pursue dance what would be your next career choice?

Directing, Writer or Professor.

6. What are some other styles of dance you wish you trained in but never did?

I Wish I really learned how to pop.

7. Top 3 Favorite Music Videos ( Dance Wise )

1. Smooth Criminal - Michael

2. Rhythm Nation - Janet

3. Thriller - Michael

But I gotta add these lol

4. Cold Hearted Snake - Paula

5. Remember The Time - Michael

6. Alright - Janet

7. That’s My Attitude - Troop

8. Miss You Much - Janet

8. What is your favorite dance movie and why?

Breakin/ Breakin 2

- because it was fun and colorful. Not to mention Turbo and Ozone were incredible and the MUSIC. The soundtrack was bomb af!

9. How was it starting out in Toronto ?

It was great starting out in Toronto. We had our own vibe, which was similar to nyc but the Jamaican culture mixed in made it just right. The dance industry wasn’t as established as NYC or LA, so I literally had to create it and figure it out the entire way! It was tough but we had fun along the journey and have now been woven into the U.S fabric.

10. If you had to compare your dance style to a superhero who would it be?

Black Panther cuz I’m Black and Jamaican and my people are vibranium lol. But dance style would prob be Thor cuz I outta this world and Tingz!! Lol

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