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Welcome to Urban Dance League's Online Dance Classes:

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Urban Dance League choreography! Urban Dance League is proud to present our revamped Online Dance Classes section, designed to empower dancers to learn UDL choreography and participate in exhilarating dance competitions. Our online classes offer step-by-step tutorials allowing you to learn UDL routines from the comfort of your own home. 

Submit to UDL Online Dance Competitions:

Once you've perfected your moves, it's time to showcase your talent! Urban Dance League hosts In person & online dance competitions where dancers can submit videos of themselves performing UDL choreography. Compete against dancers from around the world and vie for the top spot! Dancers will be judged on Precision, Execution, Energy, and Accuracy of choreography. 

Dance Classes

Dance Classes

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Stay Updated:

Stay in the loop with all the latest events and competitions at Urban Dance League! Announcements of upcoming events, workshops, and competitions will be posted regularly on our website. Be sure to check back often to see if new classes and competitions have been added, and don't miss your chance to shine on the dance floor.

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