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Rock Steady Crew

Updated: May 28, 2023

Rock Steady Crew: A History of b-boying Pioneering Dance Crew

Rocky Steady Crew - One of the names that has always made noise in the dance world. Not to many crews can say they have evolved and grown over 4 decades.

B-boying also known as breakdancing or breaking, is a style of street dance that originated in NYC the South Bronx to be exact during the 1970s. Among the many dance crews that formed during this time, Rock Steady Crew is considered one of the most influential. In this blog we'll take a look at the history of Rock Steady Crew, their impact on the world of b-boying , and their continued legacy today.

The origins of Rock Steady Crew can be traced back to 1977, when a young b-boy named Jimmy D and his friend Jimmy Lee formed the crew in New York City. The crew was passed down to JOJO and Crazy Legs Which led the next generation of the crew. The name "Rock Steady" was chosen as a nod to the popular music of the time, specifically the song "Rock Steady" by Aretha Franklin. The crew quickly gained a reputation for their energetic and acrobatic dance style, Jimmy D was apart of another crew TBB "The Bronx Boy" before asking Jojo to be a founding member Rock Steady.

Back in the days, Rock Steady Crew was primarily focused on battling other dance crews in the parks and community centers. Sometimes at roller skating rinks. One group from Queens "Dynamic Rockers" would be a rival crew for Rock Steady. Leading up to famous events like The "Battle of the Boroughs" 1981 at Lincoln Center which was a part 2 of their battle. The first battle was deemed a tie in Queens.

Here is some footage from the event

As b-boying began to gain popularity, the crew started to expand their reach, performing at events , night clubs ( Like Studio 54 ) and competitions throughout the city. In , they took their show on the road, embarking on a tour of the United States and Europe. This was a significant moment for the crew, as it helped to establish b-boying as a legitimate dance form and bring it to a wider audience. The crew was also happy to be making money to impress the girls in their neighborhoods.

In the following years, Rock Steady Crew continued to evolve and innovate, introducing new dance moves and styles to the world of b-boying. They also began to branch out into other areas of the entertainment industry, appearing in films, music videos, and television shows.

Interview with Rock Steady 1984

in the 1990s, Rock Steady Crew faced new challenges as breakdancing began to fade in popularity. However, the crew refused to be left behind and continued to push the boundaries of the dance form.

Today, Rock Steady Crew is still active and continues to inspire new generations of b-boys and b-girls. They have members all around the world and hold workshops and classes to teach the art of breaking to young people. They also continue to perform at events and festivals, showcasing the dynamic and powerful dance style that they helped to pioneer.

In conclusion, Rock Steady Crew is an important part of the history of b-boying and hip-hop culture. They have been a major influence on the world of b-boying and continue to be a force in the dance community today. Their legacy lives on through the countless dancers they have inspired and the countless memories they have created.

Much Respect to ROCK STEADY CREW!!!!!!!!!!!

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