Urban Dance League 2019 FINALS

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

UDL held its 2019 finals Dec 21st at the Mark O Donell Theater in downtown Brooklyn. 2 teams faced off in a head to head dance battle. 14 routines from different choreographers (scroll down to see the list of choreographers) made the show very exciting to watch. There was also an award ceremony before the game to celebrate the hard work the dancers put in over the year. 

Rookie of The Year

Courtney Costello

Most Improved 

Lanoa Curry

Magnetic Peformance

Brittany Pace 

Best Freestyle 

Marvin Arriola


Dashon Hines


Olney Edmondson 

MVD ( Most Valuable Dancer)

Francesca Cardenas 

Francesca was also the 2018 MVD; making her a back to back MVD with 118 points in 2019.

Rookie of the year, Magnetic Performance, and Sportsmanship was the recipe of awards that made up the champions this year. Courtney Costello lead her team with 20 points in their win of 65-59 over Francescas team. The game was very close with Frans team leading most of the first half.  Courtney went off for 12 points in the second half. Never receiving a 1 for any rounds she went out for. Courtney, Brittany, Dashon, Kasey, Shoshanna, Julie, and Angie worked well together and it showed on the dance floor. Its not easy to beat a team lead by a back to back MVD. At the end of the game they received their championship rings and shirts and took photos and celebrated their hard work. We look forward to how this team will develop moving forward. Stay tuned! Once again congratulations to:


Courtney Costello

Brittany Pace 

Dashon Hines

Kasey Caswell

ShoShanna Babitt

Julie Palanca 

Angela Jehamy


(Choreography Contributions)

Keenan Cooks


Bo Park

Carlos Neto

Jordan Washington 


Chry Baby Cozie

Neil Schwartz 

Kim Holmes

Korie Genius 

David Thomas


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