Harden & WestBrook Dance Swag

It's no secret that athletes love to dance. In this post of Dancers Are Athletes, we are going to highlight the swag of pre game dances by NBA superstars James Harden and Russell Westbrook. It's no surprise they get along so well since playing together in Oklahoma City, as both have shown they love to vibe with their own flava of moves. Since James Harden loves to shoot (and is arguably one of the greatest shooters in NBA history), he loves to add his shot gesture or head fake to his dance moves. That's an automatic sign it's one of his best moves. Russell Westbrook dances like he plays as well. Incorporating dynamic moves, switching up tempos and grooves, and also attacking moves with energy.

The internet would have gone off if James Harden and Russell Westbrook did some choreography together during the bubble. Since they are both to be traded from the Houston Rockets, (Westbrook was traded today to the Washington Wizards for John Wall.) Maybe they can link up and dance in the future. We are going to keep pushing for a dance contest to be added to All Star weekend. Could you imagine seeing some of your favorite NBA athletes showcase their skills on the dance floor in a legit competition? They could battle UDL style and have a freestyle round. We know the fans and players would love it. Players could include other guys off the bench to give them some extra fun. It also allows fans to see different personalities of players and might even bring in more viewership to the weekend overall. We are going to make some calls. Remember you heard it here first. Here are some videos that we thought you would enjoy:

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