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Dancers Are Athletes Showcase 2 Recap


"For each game, I always look forward to dancing and performing with everyone. When everyone’s energies come together it’s such a great feeling for not only us dancers but for the audience as well. This past game, I felt went really well! At the end of the game, I was part of the winning team which felt great! Despite the score board, everyone put in their best efforts and performed amazingly. Glad to call UDL my second family :)."


"The atmosphere was genuine and hard to put into words. I am thankful for my UDL family and my support system, working together has been intense, challenging, but nonetheless so fulfilling and fun. Thank you for being there and thank you to Ant for giving us this platform and a purpose as dancers! I hope to see you at the next game."


Tuesday was a vibe… by the time I was headed into the studio for our game, New York was becoming the setting for a Mad Max movie. I definitely felt off and unfortunately I feel like my dancing showed that. Over course we all over analyze ourselves but every athlete or dancer knows their body and their best and I was definitely not my best. I learned a valuable lesson of persistence and practice yet again. No excuse can make up for recorded mistakes and what happens in the moment, especially in this social media age. So am I a bit disappointed, yes. Do I wish I did a better job of protecting my short lived MVD reign, of course. But I am still hella grateful for the experience, proud of my body for keeping up, stoked watching my teammates, and ready to keep working in preparation for what’s ahead. At the end of the day I had an amazing night and am always grateful for the experience. Rabbit


"This game was an intense game, although we learned only 2 new dances, we had to keep reviewing all other ones from the previous game. I feel as if i’m getting more confident with more and more games. im definitely looking forward to more. Rehearsals were intense and with the last rehearsal i felt the pressure kick in. But i am happy that my team won after all the hard work, both teams worked very hard, and im happy with the results."


"The Second UDL showcase was also a success. The game it self was as intense as the other ones. This time we had incredible performances on the half time of the show, that made us learn how to stay warm and concentrate and stay ready for part two. The enviroment was amazing, we could feel the tension of the audience but at the same time we also could tell they were having fun. This is a very good oportunity for dancers to put ourselfs out there. And be the main caracter. looking forward to keep growing in this organization."


"My second game with UDL was incredible. The nerves I had from the first game seemed to disappear and I was able to be even more present this time. I could tell my energy levels were up and I focused on adding to my performance through facial expressions and personality. I can’t wait for the next game!"


After my first game, I was impressed by how my team was able to collaborate under pressure. Though we didn’t win this latest match up, getting the experience of competing again—something I haven’t done since I was 13—reawakened my spirit and inspired me to go harder for the next match up and focus on new ways to help collaborate or lead my team to a win!

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