Urban Dance League at BDC

Updated: Feb 22

UDL Fall Season at Broadway Dance Center

Kicking off the first class of the final season of 2019 with Keenan Cooks. Picking up where they left off from last season, Fran and Courtney make it to the final group adding more points to their UDL account. This is Kasey's first season in the training program and she has shown she is ready to perform and compete. Dancers Are Athletes its a life style not just a slogan. Will we see more from these 3? Stay tuned!

This week Carlos Neto came in and challenged the dancers with a detailed routine.

Making it to the final group were some familiar faces: Christina , Fran , and Omie.

Christina and Fran have faced off before in our 1 on 1 battles, and now share the floor for this week. Omie is training hard for her upcoming 1 on 1 battle adding points to her overall UDL account. Stay tuned for what happens next.

This is the first time Korey has taught dance hall at UDL. A lot of dancers that signed up for this season have never taken dance hall before.

3 new faces made it to final group. This is Salih and Amy’s first season training with UDL.

Jasmin has returned for her 2nd season. Will we see more of these 3. Stay tuned to find out!

The Final Group for Kim's class

Fran, Olney, Courtney. Fran and Olney have been consistent with training and competing this year. Numbers don't lie as both ladies are in the top 10 for points for 2019. This is Courtney's first year with UDL but she has quickly made her presence known as she continues to grow into a stronger athlete. Expect to see more from the 3 of these ladies.

Neil has been a guest teacher with UDL since 2012. Its always exciting to have him work with the dancers. Making it to the final group: Courtney , Salih, and Ayriana. Courtney is racking up her points for another season. This is Salih’s second time making it to final group, adding more to his points. This is Ayriana's first season with UDL. She has come very close before, but this is her first appearance in the final group. Keep your eyes open for these 3.

Its always a pleasure to have Bo Park bring us her flava for competition. The Final 3 for her class Onshun, Olney, Britany.

All 3 are fun to watch and bring a lot to the table in head to head competition.

Something they share is performance energy. Its naturally fun to watch them perform and compete in games. These 3 always bring their A game.

Anthony Rue II aka AntBoogie is the founder of UDL but also loves to train and mentor athletes. Courtney, Britany, and Kasey make it the final group in his class. All 3 have had strong seasons. Courtney and Kasey have shown a lot of potential in their rookie year. It will be exciting to see them continue their journey. NEXT UP is the exhibition game. 2 Teams are created that will compete head to head with the choreography they have learned over the 8 weeks in the program. Britany and Courtney had such strong seasons they will be captains of the 2 teams. STAY TUNED

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